DivLite (1-3 Pages*) DivPro (4-9 Pages*) DivStar (10+ Pages*)
First Template Page Cost £199 £199 £199
Additional Pages Cost £50 £30 £25
Semantic HTML or XHTML hand coded pages
Full cross-browser testing (with report)
Implementation of Cascading Style Sheets
Checked to comply with W3C standards
Full rights upon payment
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News, tips & tricks

Monday, 08 Mar 10YoDiv gets a makeover!

It’s celebration time at YoDiv,  with the launch of a completely new backoffice studio system. The Divlets have been beavering away in their cubicles the last...

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Thursday, 30 Oct 08US Customers get cheaper prices!!

Thanks to the glorious current economic conditions, and the falling value of the pound against the US Dollar, we are, err, pleased to remind our...

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